Hello, my name is Magdalena Nemesh and

I am UI/UX Designer and Creative Coder

creating modern and responsive design for Web and Mobile

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Better design creates better experience, better code makes better design real.
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I'm currently available for work.


I approach each project with a thorough and efficient process. I begin with defining the goal through research and following through with a strategic design solution. I believe in a flexible, iterative process that addresses the unique considerations of each project


About me

Good UI should be like an old friend–familiar, predictable, forgiving errors and have an open invitation to come back, always...

It started like this...

At first I intended to be an animator, but I was 5 and it was long way to go. Later I wanted to race horses, but I did not have one. With dream of racing motorcycles happened the same story.


Here I learned computers and animation seemed not to be that far from reach. Internet with its speed brought thrill of racing and all of a sudden I am living my dream...


Still, I had to go to school. In college studying architecture I won several creative competitions and one of them brought me to United States.

Happy ending

Designing good things for good people makes me the happiest person on the face of the planet. I believe that good design will make our planet a better place.


Feel that tingling in your fingertips? That’s the magnetic urge to contact me.